Sunday, August 2, 2009

UCI Studies on the Miracle of Pranic Healing, a free Pranic Healing Class, and Free Healings

I wanted to share some info on one of my favorite energy healing modalities, Pranic Healing (PH). It's one of my favorites because I've seen sooo many miracles through it, it usually starts working instantly (after about 5-10 minutes of Pranic Healing whatever physical pain the person is experiencing tends to go away), and it's easy to teach people how to apply the techniques and clean their own chakras when I'm not around. The techniques that I shared in my "Do It Yourself- Energy Healing" blog all came from Pranic Healing.

To start with, I'd like to share a CBS news clip on Pranic Healing that gives a good overview of PH and shows some of the every day Pranic miracles:

As the video shows, there are some hospitals in the California area training doctors and nurses in Pranic Healing. We have medical doctors who actually want to learn Pranic Healing attending the classes (in fact I believe there were at least 5 medical doctors in our classes last weekend. Woo hoo for doctors seeking holistic approaches and solutions!). LOL, and during a healing at a hospital I’ve definitely had a nurse pull me aside and ask me to do a Pranic session on her for back pain.:-)

Next I'd like to share these wonderful clips on the EXTENSIVE RESEARCH DONE ON PRANIC HEALING AT UCI that shows "Unheard of changes in cell survival rates" of cells treated with Pranic Healing (survival rate of cells that were blasted with radiation went from 50% to 98% after being treated by a group of healers). The video is actually pretty funny even though it starts out a little dry:

It's so wonderful that science is starting to validate what we already know and experience every day! :-D LOL, and can you just imagine the look on the researchers' faces when my colleagues told them that their labs had dirty energy and needed to be cleansed??

The second part of the video goes into how there is no difference between distance healings (which I do a lot of) and in-person healings, it includes VERY INTERESTING studies on KARMA, and also talks about how ANYONE can learn the Basic Pranic Healing techniques and see results regardless of their experience level. You don't have to have the ability to see or even feel energy to successfully apply Pranic Healing techniques. You can easily get rid of your own (and other people's) headaches, stress, pain, anger, etc. by just cleaning the energy field with the steps you learn in class:

And with that being said, I wanted to share a link to a FREE Intro to Pranic Healing class being taught in LA next week by one of my favorite spiritual teachers, Master Co:

If you have some time on the 5th, feel free to go check out the intro class. Pranic Healing can be really life changing. I haven't even experienced a cold or a cough since I started (used to get cold/flu about twice a year), I'm at my ideal weight w/o even trying, and things like stress are a thing of the past. And trust me, being able to clean your solar plexus chakra anytime you are experiencing a negative emotion is pretty priceless. Aside from the benefits I've personally gained, I am constantly being called on to help others and get to enjoy the beautiful feeling of genuinely improving the lives of others.

Through Pranic Healing I've personally experienced the wonderful feeling of cancer clients going into remission, lumps and tumors disappearing, clients no longer needing depression medication after ONE healing session though they were on it for years, long-standing arthritis pain completely disappearing after one session, being able to lower people's blood pressure instantly during scary situations... The list goes on and on. And that's just some of MY client roster. I've seen Master Co make someone in a wheelchair walk again(in one session). And this is all by using techniques that can be learned by anyone. The founder, Master Choa was an engineer and my teacher, Master Co was also an engineer before becoming a healer, so everything is broken down carefully, step by step, in a linear manner.

Our spiritual teacher, the founder of Modern Pranic Healing, Master Choa Kok Sui, had a goal of there being at least one Pranic Healer in every household and when he passed one of his main instructions was to, "Spread the teachings!!!" In gratitude for his teachings and the miracles we are able to experience through them, we try to do our best. And so there is the free Pranic Healing class this week and there are even free Pranic Healing clinics for those who can't afford energy healing sessions (

Hope you all enjoyed the information and have the opportunity to experience and to learn Pranic Healing!

Sending you all tons of love and light!