Thursday, September 2, 2010


Free resources are scattered through my blog entries because they tend to be prevalent in the energy healing community, a community that tends to encourage giving and being of service. Today I wanted to post a couple of my favorites.

1)Daily Om Courses. I love this service. I guess technically they're not free because they're "donation-based," but you are free to donate just $1. There are some courses on there that they do charge for, but most are just donation-based and they have a lot of cool ones to choose from. They include courses by people like Deepak Chopra and Debbie Ford:

2)Pranic Healing Free Live Video Streams. This is probably the one I use the most. Master Co, one of the most awesome healers I know, live streams free full moon meditations once a month. And then the videos remain on the website so you can go back and re-do it anytime you want. These meditations are WONDERFUL. They're pretty intense, easy to do, bring inner-healing, fill you with peace, develop your chakras (trust me), and increase your good karma. Energy cleansing and healing are also included at the beginning of each meditation. I often return to my favorite meditations throughout the month. Also as a bonus, Master Co frequently live streams free lectures that are open to the general public. In fact, tonight's weekly lecture is open to all. For me its a huge honor to be one of his students:

The two below aren't actually directly related to spirituality, but since I really appreciate them, I'll include them.

3) Did you know you MIT offers its courses for free online??! I was completely amazed when I first found out about this. Its an awesome effort to make quality education accessible to anyone who wants it and has access to a computer. You can take a course on just about any subject, from one of the top schools in the country:

4) Study over 70 different languages- for free. I was just as thrilled when I first found this website. You can dowload a course in just about any language, for free. I think I downloaded 4 different languages the first night I found it. :-D


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Food- Pretty Important Stuff.

I've been really getting into nutrition lately. Just from my work and study alone, I believe the 2 main things that cause people physical illness are 1) negative emotions and 2) diet, and the two are actually often intertwined. I've spent a lot of time now helping people with emotional health, and so it was time to venture into nutrition. And I've been learning really important things that have honestly surprised me, or at least the fact that they aren't common knowledge has surprised me. My eating habits have drastically changed over the last 4 months and I really wanted to share because food has such a huge impact on your physical body and chakras. And even on your spiritual practices being that your body has to be able to handle the energy during meditation.

PLEASE take the time to educate yourself about what you put into your body. Not just about things like fat (which is what I had worried about in the past since my relationship w/food often revolved around the asthetics of my physical body), but about deadly stuff.

As an example, studies show that corn syrup feeds cancer cells & helps them reproduce. So if you have a cancerous cell or small tumor somewhere that you might have no idea exists (and that your immune system might just blast off on its own), corn syrup gives it food to multiply and spread. That's pretty important. Particularly since corn syrup is present in an estimated 90% of fast food and processed foods (like bread, cereal, chips, soda, junk food, etc.) since corn is subsidized by the government and super cheap.

Here's an article on this information:

Sounds as dangerous as smoking, right? And like something you should know as you as you decide between reaching for a bowl of raw cashews or some potato chips.. People often wonder why cancer has become so widespread.... Seems like the answers might be in the food people are putting in their bodies.

If you want to find out more about the food you are putting into your bodies, I'd recommend watching Food Inc. (u can watch it on youtube if you'd like). After tons of people telling me I should watch it since I'm into all this stuff, I finally gave in last night. Previously I had just read about the points in the movie and watched interviews because any kind of animal abuse really ruins my mood, and I didnt want to subject myself to it (did you know pigs are smarter than dogs?? And so sweet: ). I sucked it up last night because I saw how many people were changing their eating patterns after watching the movie and because I found myself often recommending it though I hadnt actually watched it. I bypassed my issue by watching the movie during my workout and just turning around and lifting weights whenever I saw they were about to show animals. :-D

Here are the links-

Where you can watch on youtube:

Even if this is not your thing, I think you'll appreciate the info in the movie since it touches on so many subjects.

Also another example, though its not mentioned in the movie, are the health stats for meat-eaters. The #1 killer in the U.S. is heart disease and men have a 50% risk of dying from a heart attack (thats one out of two...). The risk drops down 15% for vegetarians and 4% for vegans (from John Robbins Pulitzer-nominated book, "Diet for a New America": -Just control F to "heart attack" but plenty of other interesting stats on there). Wow right? The meat and dairy lobbies are pretty strong. This is stuff I didnt know before going vegetarian. I did it purely because I love animals and didnt think my taste palate was enough to justify suffering and killing. But I was impressed by the stats afterward. The stats are also ridiculous when it comes to colon cancer (risk increases by like 300% if u eat meat) and other cancers too. I know that for energetic reasons in Pranic Healing we recommend people go vegetarian when they're severely ill, but didnt know there was all kinds of medical evidence that correlated with it.

I'm on month 4 of being a vegetarian and am REALLY enjoying it. I'm currently at the weight and in the shape I was in when I used to do modeling. But back then I had to work really hard at the gym and count calories. Now I've simply cut out meat and try to stay away from processed foods as much as possible (which is easy because I have no desire to put it in my body after all that) and exercise at least 20 minutes a day, which might even be a walk around the block before going to bed on busy days- just enough to get my circulation and lymph system going (which is important too). I make it a point to eat at least half my meals raw (the book "Raw Food, Real World" is AWESOME if you are considering going raw or increasing raw fodos in your diets- it has 100 raw recipes), and I try to eat vegan when possible, but I'm neither a raw foodie or vegan, just vegetarian. And I eat as much as I want to and whenever I want to.

I feel healthier than ever, have more energy, more flexibility, my body is producing just as much muscle, and have even more inner-peace. :-D As I documented in the last entry, I felt a huge shift in regards to fear after about a month of of being vegetarian and realized it was because I was no longer putting into my body the fear and stress energy/chemicals that animals release when they are about to be killed and go into "fight or flight." Oh and during the last year I had experienced Kundalini Syndrome symptoms from time to time and that all has disappeared. Again if you are on a spiritual path, your physical body has to be able to handle all the energy you receive when you meditate! Thats one of the main reasons for the existence of yoga.

Also, if you believe in karma, going veg also gives you a great karmic boost. You reap what you sow... Of course everyone is free to eat animals. BUT if you CHOOSE to show mercy on the animal kingdom, then mercy is shown upon you. You get what you give. In Pranic Healing we're taught that when we're doing healings on people with severe ailments, we should advise for them to go veg so they can increase the mercy they receive. Law of Mercy-"Blessed are the merciful; for they shall obtain mercy." And of course you are helping the environment on top of that. :-D It was the BP oil spill that triggered this shift in my life. I felt bad for the animals and realized that was pretty hypocritical since the # of animals killed by the oil spill were minimal compared to the estimated 9 million animals killed every HOUR so people can eat them. I immediately realized how out of integrity with myself I had been living in that area and decided to go vegetarian. I felt a huge burden just kind of lift off me immediately and miraculously I havent looked back once. Miraculous because I'd always been a meat and potatoes girl and strongly disliked the taste of all vegetables (I used to instanteously gag when I'd put any in my mouth and had considered hypnosis for it). So I'm still pretty amazed by this shift. ;-) And so I wanted to share with my readers. :-D You really can do anything.

Sending positive energy and lots of health your way!