Thursday, September 2, 2010


Free resources are scattered through my blog entries because they tend to be prevalent in the energy healing community, a community that tends to encourage giving and being of service. Today I wanted to post a couple of my favorites.

1)Daily Om Courses. I love this service. I guess technically they're not free because they're "donation-based," but you are free to donate just $1. There are some courses on there that they do charge for, but most are just donation-based and they have a lot of cool ones to choose from. They include courses by people like Deepak Chopra and Debbie Ford:

2)Pranic Healing Free Live Video Streams. This is probably the one I use the most. Master Co, one of the most awesome healers I know, live streams free full moon meditations once a month. And then the videos remain on the website so you can go back and re-do it anytime you want. These meditations are WONDERFUL. They're pretty intense, easy to do, bring inner-healing, fill you with peace, develop your chakras (trust me), and increase your good karma. Energy cleansing and healing are also included at the beginning of each meditation. I often return to my favorite meditations throughout the month. Also as a bonus, Master Co frequently live streams free lectures that are open to the general public. In fact, tonight's weekly lecture is open to all. For me its a huge honor to be one of his students:

The two below aren't actually directly related to spirituality, but since I really appreciate them, I'll include them.

3) Did you know you MIT offers its courses for free online??! I was completely amazed when I first found out about this. Its an awesome effort to make quality education accessible to anyone who wants it and has access to a computer. You can take a course on just about any subject, from one of the top schools in the country:

4) Study over 70 different languages- for free. I was just as thrilled when I first found this website. You can dowload a course in just about any language, for free. I think I downloaded 4 different languages the first night I found it. :-D


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