Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dealing with a Venus Retrograde and More Free Tools/Resources

I wanted to update my blog with info for those who share my uneasiness in regards to the upcoming Venus retrograde. LOL, just the thought of my finances, beauty, and love life going backwards makes me cringe! I've been eyeing the Venus retrograde suspiciously and planning my life around it for a minute. I planned a last-minute trip to Vegas last week in order to avoid going later during the retrograde (and it went really well. My last-minute accommodations were very luxurious, Trump International, AND I won lots of money!). I also made sure to invest my Vegas winnings in the stock market ASAP, rather than waiting for stocks to fall even lower, so that I wouldn't have to make the investment during the retrograde. And I got my haircut beforehand as well (why risk a disastrous haircut if you don't have to, right?). :-)/ As you can see, the retrograde has been heavy on my mind!

Luckily today one of my mentors/teachers told me what to do to ease up Venus' effects and I wanted to share the info with you all. Especially since some of my friends have already started feeling the effects of the upcoming retrograde (the pre-retrograde period gets you too)!

I asked one of my mentor/teachers today if I could combat the effects of the retrograde with energy work, and she told me that if I learned to work with the planets, I would be just fine. She taught me that when it comes to a Venus retrograde, it's important to give Venus offerings. The offerings can consist of lighting a candle and setting up some flowers or a bowl of fruit (like you would do for one of the saints). You are supposed to set up the offerings every Friday during the retrograde period (March 6th through April 17th) and when you set up the offerings, you tell Venus they are for her and you ask her to please be gentle with you during her retrograde. Doing this is supposed to make the retrograde period 10 times easier. LOL, now I realize that doing this sounds silly to some being that Venus is a planet (vs. a saint) BUT if you think about how most old religions (and new religions actually, umm... Christianity?) are heavily based on astrology and the celestial bodies, its really not that out there. I will DEFINITELY be setting up my offerings every Friday starting tomorrow being that the last Venus retrograde wreaked havoc in my life (the last one was in my sun sign)!

And by wreaked havoc I mean I RANDOMLY, out of NOWHERE, became depressed for no reason at all (life was really good and I was traveling the world and I'm NOT the depression type). I also suddenly, out of NOWHERE, missed an ex-boyfriend that I hadn't even thought of since I had broken up with over a year beforehand, I decided that I hated the career I had studied and didn't want to be a lawyer, I started spending money like water to make myself feel better about my life/career choices........ And this was during a period where I wasn't as informed in the area of astrology as I am now, so I didn't even realize what was going on or that it was related to a Venus retrograde (in fact, I had been excited that Venus was in my sign for so long, which is usually a good thing). In retrospect, what I went through makes perfect sense since those are all things Venus retrogrades bring about. If you want to think back to where you were during the last Venus retrograde, it happened July 27, 2007 to September 8, 2007, but its effects started around June 23rd that summer.....

If you want to read up a little bit more on the effects Venus retrogrades, here is one of my favorite astrology sites: (just scroll down a little to the retrograde section).

So, all that being said, I'm very happy to have received today's tips from a very powerful healer who I completely trust. Granted this time around, I'm about 100 times stronger spiritually, so I know that I'm much more well-equipped to deal with this sort of thing. AND this time around the retrograde isn't in my Sun sign (it's mostly in Aries this time around, in case you were wondering). BUT, I'm still happy to be able to shield myself from some of its effects. And I definitely wanted to share because I know the economy is no joke right now and I want people to be able to shield their finances from going awry!!! And so that you can understand what's going on if you suddenly start missing an ex that you don't really like..... No, you're not suddenly going crazy and there is nothing wrong with you, but do think a little deeper about your actual desires before you take any action.

So those are my "Dealing with a Venus Retrograde" tips.

In a totally unrelated topic, I also wanted to share a link to a wonderful site where you can get free metaphysics resources/tools. You can dowload weekly lectures from the University of Metaphysics and you can use other resources on the page (such as free affirmations and meditations). I love that the University is doing this and wanted to share it with my readers!

Here is the link:


Sending everyone tons of love and light,

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  1. I noticed that cosmetic surgery is on the list of don'ts lol...I have a plastics reconstructive surgery this month! =( And I just scheduled a minor thing with the dermatologist before this dang retrograde is over with ughhh.

  2. Interesting, I really want to learn more about astrology. You have to direct me to any books you have found helpful. I will definitely prevent offerings to beautiful Venus on Fridays, thanks for the tip ;).

  3. I guess that song listen to your heart is my theme song for 2009 lol--at least, for the spring.

    My gma wanted me to get this done during the spring and I wanted to get it done during the summer. Go figure. Well this could be a matter of me losing my foot and part of my leg so I'm going to postpone it no matter what. Plus, there's drama with fam and some other ppl in the Bay. I don't mind avoiding all that lol

  4. This thing is no joke. I overdrafted a few days ago for the first time 6 or 7 months. I was also assessed a late fee for a bill I'm always on time for. So interesting. This friday I will be lighting a candle for Venus too!

  5. Umhum. I only had one close friend who forgot to do her offerings.... Venus is retrograding in her house of career.... So Friday my friend had to work until 1am (even though she had a flight to DC that day to go to a friend's going away party). Then had to work 12 hours Saturday and over 12 hours on Sunday..... She had to cancel her whole trip. SMH. She needs to get on it this Friday and do her offerings!