Sunday, January 9, 2011

An Essential Key to the Manifestation Puzzle & Using the Law of Attraction

I get many questions on the topic of manifesting, so I want to share one of the keys that seems to be frequently missing from people's practices, and is very important. People say manifesting is one of my talents and I'm grateful that the process works well for me, but in the past I’ve definitely thrown my fair share of tantrums. I’ve been meditating an average of at least an hour a day, every day, since 2008, and had been meditating on and off since high school, so I have a pretty close relationship with God and don't just theoretically grasp a lot of spiritual concepts, but actually experience them, so some of my tantrums have been fun.

The 6-year-old inside of me used to go off at times like, “I Am One with God! I Am made of God, in the likeness of God! I have God’s creative power! I Am One with God, I Am One with All and with EVERYTHING! And I say I have ______!! Now!! So, where is it??! Are spiritual laws out of order today?”

And God would just be like, “Cute. I’m a let u finish and all, but yes, you’re absolutely right. You do have ____. It’s right inside of you. Go find it within first and THEN we’ll talk.”

And I'd sit there pouting, “Heeey! That’s not what I meant. C’mon…..” But I know better. No more negotiations until I do as told. Of course one can always pray for help and grace finding it inside, but pretty much no more negotiations on the outside thing until I start letting it flow from within. I know the drill by now. So I’ll share it.

You can understand that God is inside you and that you are God, and may even KNOW it and experience it through meditation, but you have to know how to apply it to your life.

You’re One with God, so what? Well if you’re One with God, that means everything is in you and you have access to everything.

So in practical terms, what you need to do for manifesting purposes, is you need to get to the ESSENCE of what you desire to manifest. Why do you want what you want? What will it bring you that you’re seeking?

Let’s say, for example, you want more money in order to get to do more things that make you happy. Well understand that happiness is already within you. No one GIVES you happiness. It wells up from inside. It’s ALWAYS there, you just have to know yourself in order to know how to get it to flow. But realize the happiness you’re trying to obtain is ALREADY within you. This means you DON’T have to trick yourself into believing you have what you seek in order to manifest it. It’s already there. You just have to go within, find it, and activate it. When you do, THEN the Law of Attraction works to bring to you what you were attempting to manifest to get to that state. You have to be able to know how to get yourself to that state first, so you know you have it and can appreciate it inside of you. And so you aren’t all needy and depending on outer things. Don't approach the Law of Attraction feeling lacking or incomplete. When you feel that way, that’s what you attract. If you’re happy, you attract more happiness.

People try to dumb it down for "the masses” a little. And that’s why they give all those visualization exercises. Really they’re just trying to get you to the place where you FEEL like you have that thing you want, so that the emotion within you is triggered and you have what you want so you can attract it. So they’re trying to get you to what I wrote above.

And you’re kind of being tricked into expanding your consciousness and waking up in the process. If you do the above for a period of time, pretty soon you will, on your own, realize that you have everything inside of you already. And if you continue on that course, it leads you to a place of trust and surrender. When you go to pray/manifest, you realize you don’t have anything to really ask for because you already have everything, so your intentions start turning into things like, “to express more joy,” “to share and give more love,” “to find more creative ideas within me.” Rather than specific things in the outside world. But in turn you do end up attracting people you’d like to share that love with and situations that cause more joy to express through you. You're just surrendering the details and the hows, which is great because often God will give you more than what you even had in mind and you're no longer limiting yourself.

So, if you feel something is missing in your life, figure out what you need to find within, and go find it. Get to know yourself so that you know how to trigger that feeling of joy within yourself, that feeling of peace, that feeling of freedom, that feeling of love. Quests for love in the outside world don’t tend to go so well until you realize all the love you have within yourself and know how to use it. Just like how you shouldn’t expect good sex if you don’t know how to work your own body. Get to know your heart, just like you learned to get to know your body and how to make pleasure and bliss well up inside yourself. Because yes, those things are within you too. The orgasm comes from within you, not from the outside world.

“What you perceive as lack is often a part of you you haven’t discovered yet.” So, go discover. Ask. Ask your soul to show you joy. Ask your joy to come forth from within you. To show itself to you. Allow it to seep through your whole entire being. There are universes inside of you. Explore them. Most people don’t use a huge percentage of their brain. What’s laying in those parts of your brain?

Some quotes from Danielle Gibbons (channeling the teachings of Mother Mary):

“If what is going on outside of you is not to your liking, it is simply because something inside hasn’t awakened yet. And what is without reflects what’s within.”

“It is not your past that imprisons you, it is not the events of the past that imprison you, or your present that imprisons you. It is only your inability to awaken to yourself."

“All that happens around you in your life is a natural extension of what’s going on inside. If you want to know why someone or something is or isn’t in your life, go within. Not to know that answer specifically, but just to know self.”

The great news is you have everything inside you that you need to move past what you perceive as your pain.

And here is one of my own meditative insights from earlier this week (which triggered me writing this blog):

"Joy is accompanied by the feeling of "my cup runneth over." Giving you that beautiful joyful glow as it pours over. So it's perfectly understandable why people try to accumulate & accumulate, more & more, in attempts to simulate the feeling of joy. Which eludes them because they completely gloss over the obvious- joy flows forth from within. "The cup runneth over" from within. Not the other way around. You can simulate all you want, but it's just that and it's so fleeting. You have to do it again and again. And all the work involved in the simulation, along with the continued empty feelings afterward, are exhausting."

BTW, as you start activating all these beautiful things within you, you have no choice but to feel abundant because you discover how many gifts you have to bring to the world. So much love to share, so much joy to bring, so many creative ideas, so much beauty…. Your cup runneth over.

And because my life tends to be so synchronistic (I love it), Rev. Michael’s topic today was very on point with what I wrote in this blog (which I wrote Friday night, but didn’t have time to post). Awesome. The whole service is beautiful but you can fast forward to the 26 minute mark for his message:

EXTRA: I actually just looked at my notes from last week's service and there were also some parts directly on point, so I'll paste those excerpts below (not word for word, but close):

-"In this particular chapter that you’re co-writing with the Presence of God, you’re starting with, 'I ALREADY have everything. What am I going to DO with it?' That’s the question you’re asking yourself. 'I’ve got it all! What am I going to do now? I have the love and the peace and the harmony. I used to be blind. I used to think that it was coming from out there. And I was begging people for it, and trying to get it, and manipulating. And now that I know I got it, what am I going to do now?' Then creativity gets born in your awareness ,and you find innovative ways to express the Divinity that is within you. That becomes life-giving, uplifting, inspiring, life-transforming, healing, EVERYWHERE that you go!... So if you find yourself bored, asking for life to give you stuff, you’re suppressing your creativity. Because you’ve already got it."

-"Your question when u wake up should be, 'What good that is within me am I going to let out today??? Shock me! Surprise me! With the goodness that is within me. Shock me until it shatters my ego! Shock me with so much love, that wants to come out of me that it shatters my belief in separation! Shock me with so much creativity and so much beauty that wants to come out of me, that it scares my surface mind! 'Oh did I do that??! Did I love that deeply? Did I share that deeply? Did I give that much? Oh my God!!' And then you'll be dying daily to mediocrity and being born anew to EXCELLENCE. You will not grow old bitter and complaining about how life has done you wrong. You will grow younger every day because you will have made a new discovery about the depth of your being."


  1. Sometimes I forget about this blog, or any blogs but when I always find myself redirected to yours words. It is comforting, truthful and reminds me of what I forget to remember. Thank you.