Saturday, December 29, 2012

2013 Fun Challenge: A Year of 52 Firsts and Claiming 2013 as a Year of Joy and Fun, New Adventures

Whew, it’s been so long since I've blogged that I thought I'd forgotten my password! It’s been a big, busy year for me filled with new things like doing my first trial by myself, starting my own law firm, doing the Warrior Dash, Lollapalooza, volunteering at Agape’s Youth Revelations Conference for the whole weekend, etc. I apologize for being missing, but you all know I like to flow with what I feel is right at the moment and in 2012 developing my lawyer skills was on the forefront, and therefore, my focus.

Anyhow, in prep for the New Year, I’ve decided to get ready for 2013 by committing a fun challenge that I saw a friend do in 2011. She challenged herself to try something new every week of the year and it looked awesome and like her year was overflowing with mini adventures. I already try to do new things often and stay open, but I’d like to formalize it and commit to a new "First time I" per week for 2013. By next New Year’s I should have at least 52 new experiences. I try so many new things all the time that I felt like this might be an interesting challenge because I’ve already covered a lot(i.e. I'd like to try Capoeira, but would it still count if I only tried it once and it was freshman year of college? Nope. Unless it’s with an added element). From waltz to aerial burlesque, I've tried it. I started wishing I had waited until the New Year to try the new cleanse that I just finished yesterday… But after sitting down to brainstorm for a couple of minutes I realized finding new things I’d like to try wouldn’t be difficult in this very abundant universe.

I wanted to post about this BEFORE the New Years in case anyone else would also like to partake in this fun challenge or follow it. It should be lots of fun and committing to something new a week provides a great set up for living your life to the fullest. It IS a spiritual exercise because it will help keep us from getting stuck in routine or a rut, it will keep the energy flowing, we'll be showing the Universe that we’re open and willing to try new things, we'll become more open to new things, we’ll put ourselves out of comfort zones at times, explore this beautiful life, find new things that bring us joy to add to our lists and toolboxes, ensure we allot time to ourselves at least once a week, get to know ourselves better, explore random dreams, increase creativity, attract more fun new adventures since we're putting out that energy, and build new neural pathways as our brains meet something new and strengthen themselves.

I'm going to start a new sister blog just for this challenge so that I can blog about the new things I experience each week ( ). I consider this 52 week fun challenge to be a spiritual exercise and some of the new experiences will certainly have to do with a spiritual activity/process/practice, but since I know people search this blog for spiritual exercises, I didn't want to fill it up with my 52 New Experiences. I'll transfer any spiritual experiences/exercies to this blog and I wanted to blog about the actual exercise since it is a spiritual practice. If this challenge resonates with you, feel free to join me! For the first few weeks, I think I’ll finally use my Crossfit Groupon and check out what the hype is about.. And I’ve been wanting to try Salt Therapy too…. During the last month I've been focused on strengthening my physical body so that theme may continue into January. I’m excited about this challenge and to see my recap of the year at the end of 2013! I'm claiming 2013 as a year of joy, abundance, and fun, new adventures. Feel free to join! I affirm that our new experiences this year will be fun and joyful. And so it is!

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