Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Tools and Tips for Increasing Your Prosperity

Money problems are definitely on the list of the top 5 problems people are dealing with when they come to see me. Since money problems seem to be so prevalent right now and just about everybody is trying to increase their prosperity in 2009, I thought I'd share a great link to free resources for working on increasing your prosperity:

The info and audio clips on the above page are great, but I particularly love the FREE PROSPERITY GAME:

This game is pretty prevalent in the Law of Attraction community (they even have "Prosperity Game Workshops" at my "church"). It's a great resource for those working on manifesting prosperity and abundance because it starts to expand your wealth consciousness and increase your manifesting abilities. The game makes it easier to visualize your prosperity increasing, obtaining the things you want, AND it helps you create the sort of emotions and energy state that attract the material things you desire. I like it more than just using vision boards (though vision boards ARE useful), plus its great for keeping you on top of your Gratitude Practice (which is extremely important in the practice of manifesting).

Along with the links, I'd like to include some of my favorite tips for increasing prosperity.


1) Be HAPPY when you pay your bills.

You have to pay them anyhow, might as well pay them in a way that will serve you. Don't curse your bills or the people you are sending your check to. When you write and send them your check, mentally THANK them for trusting your ability to attract the money to pay them back. They lent you that money because they had faith and trust in you (just like YOU should have faith and trust in your own abilities to create). When you pay your bills, pay them with gratitude. Be glad that you are increasing the prosperity of the person/company you are paying and visualize the amount you give them, coming back to you ten-fold. By thinking about things this way, you completely shift the energy around paying your bills and you start to attract prosperity instead of lack. This is one of my favorite prosperity practices.

2) Along the same lines: GIVE.

Many people swear by tithing as one of the surest ways of increasing prosperity FAST (tithing= giving away 10% of your income). Tithing can be to church, charities, people in your life, etc. And tithing doesn't just have to be money. It can also be help, service, LOVE, food, clothes, listening to someone and giving them your time, all of the above (writing this blog is one of my ways of giving). I've been told multiple times that if you are feeling a lack of abundance, the first thing you need to do is GIVE. Giving immediately shifts your energy to that of abundance instead of lack. And the energy of abundance attracts abundance while the energy of lack attracts lack. Giving reminds you that you actually DO have and it reminds you of your many resources and abundance. As one of my teachers once said, "Even when I felt broke, I always at least had a can of soup in my cupboard that I could give my neighbor. And giving him that can always made me feel like, 'Oh I'm actually not that bad off. I still have.'" The energy of abundance. :-) You want to be in an abundant state as often as possible.

3) Be open.

This one was a big one for me. When you ask the Universe for something, DO NOT worry about the "how." That's not your job. When you become fixated on the "how" you start blocking prosperity and abundance. Ask for what you want, visualize having it, feel the energy of already having it, and let the Universe take care of all the details. Your job is to just stay open to receiving it. Sometimes it comes in the form of a great idea, a gift, a tip, a miracle. Who knows? And that's part of the fun. When you start to wonder about, "But how is that going to happen?" you create doubt and blocks. Likewise, when you become fixated on a certain "how", you block other available sources. If you become very fixated on, "I'm going to get an extra $10,000 this year by getting a bonus at my 9-5," you may very well miss the other $10,000 opportunities the Universe throws at you. So focus on staying OPEN to the Universe's magic and UNLIMITED sources of abundance. Do you REALLY want to limit God?

A great affirmation to help you shift to being open(variations of Louise Hay affirmations):
"I now receive abundance and prosperity from expected and unexpected sources." or
"I am an unlimited being receiving from unlimited sources of unlimited resources."

4) Letting go of the energy of GUILT.

Ah, the feelings of: not deserving, not being worthy (i.e. "That would never happen for me.."), feeling bad because others don't have and you have, it's too good to be true, money is the root of all evil, people with money are bad, etc. have GOT TO GO. These thoughts and feelings will block your abundance and prosperity. Try to get rid of them as soon as possible. Think about how much money will help your growth as a person. Think about how much good you can do with lots of money.

A great affirmation for this one (courtesy of Louise Hay):
"I deserve the best, and I accept the best, now."

Say that one like 20 times a day while staring into your eyes in a mirror until you finally start to believe it (that actually applies to just about every affirmation).

Also you can be more specific if you'd like by saying, "I deserve _________ (ex. $1 million) and I now accept _________ (ex. $1 million)."

I like that one too, but I personally like to add to it and turn it into "and I now lovingly, graciously, and gratefully accept______." For some reason adding the energy of gratitude to it makes it resonate much better with me. And instead of doing it in the mirror, I usually do this one in my bed when I wake up, holding my arms wide open to heaven (and I actually run through a list of the things I'm accepting for the day, like love, joy, happiness, etc.)

5) Letting go of the expectation that things are supposed to be HARD.

They're not. That's just something that's been implanted into your head. The Spiritual Law of the Least Effort says that things should come to you with minimal amount of effort. Just don't block them. I lent someone my copy of Deepak Chopra's "The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success" so I'm going to wait until later to write a full blog on this concept. But for now just remember that you don't have to STRUGGLE to breathe. You don't have to work hard to make your heart beat. You don't have to work hard to make your bones heal when you break them. It just happens as long as you don't get in the way (that's why doctor's put a cast on you. So that you don't mess up the process and get in the way of yourself). The Universe is meant to be abundant. How many seeds are inside ONE tomato? Look out for a full blog on this concept in the future. But for now, here is a Louise Hay affirmation that illustrates the idea rather well, "Money loves me and comes to me like a beloved puppy."

If you want a less silly one that also helps with the shift, here you go: "I live in an abundant universe and money flows easily into my life."
And one of my personal favorites, "I always expect the best and the best always happens."

Isn't that a HUGE shift from what we're used to thinking?? I had to say the one above REPEATEDLY before it started to sink in and I was able to say it with confidence.


This may just be the biggest one, but I figured most people who are into metaphysics already know the power of gratitude. And it really deserves its own blog entry. But just to touch on it, note that any time you really want to shift your energy from negative to positive (and if you are trying to attract positive things into your life, you want to be in a positive state), gratitude is one of the quickest tricks. Just make a quick list of 5 things you are grateful for and why. Your energy will quickly shift. A lot of people in the metaphysics world even have a "Gratitude Practice" (which is why I feel it deserves its own blog entry).

Personally, the first thing I do when I wake up is give thanks for the first things that come to mind. This usually includes the sun shining, peaceful rest, the birds singing, another breath, another day, having a comfortable bed, beautiful dreams, my health, etc. And before going to bed I always write out my gratitude for at least 5 things from the day I just experienced. Throughout the day, I remember to give thanks as often as possible. If something upsets my energy during the day, I sit down and immediately find things I'm grateful for and list them out in my head. On NYE, I wrote out about 8 pages of things in 2008 that I am grateful for. These are just some examples, but I can't emphasize enough the importance gratitude. And I probably don't need to because popular books like "The Secret" devote full chapters to the topic. Suffice it to say that gratitude opens you up to receiving the beautiful, wonderful things you want in your life.

I hope some of you find these helpful!

With tons of love and light,