Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Few Thoughts For Those Dealing With Their Fears

Hey all! I’m heading out of town on vacation again, so this is kind of rushed and very brief. But I really felt like quickly sharing some of the work I’ve been doing around fear in hopes that it might help out other people dealing with the same issue.

Fear is one of my big life lessons. Since childhood fear has been very prevalent in my life and amongst those fears has been an irrational, paralyzing fear of the “supernatural” (God, angels, saints etc. included in that category). “Ironically” I ended up being an energy healer. As I started working more and more with energy and becoming more sensitive to it, aside from just feeling it and being able to decipher between different energy with my hands, my eyes became more sensitive to seeing energy as well. While that is a blessing, it really wasn’t a great situation for my fear issues because everything is energy. LOL, and imagine someone who was scared of God, channeling God to heal others (for those of you not comfortable with that language, it just means I open myself up and let God work through me to heal others. I let God use me as his tool. That's all). Needless to say, a lot of my time has been spent on working through my fears. I’ve made great progress, but of course it’s still a work in progress.

While most people probably don’t share my fear of the supernatural, for just about everyone fear is also a huge issue. I’ve been repeatedly told that all emotions are based on really just TWO emotions (and in the end its really just one, but we won’t go into that here). Those 2 emotions are love and fear. Every emotion you feel is either love-based or fear-based (jealousy, anger, sadness = all fear-based if you think about it). So that means just about everybody battles “fear issues” in their life whether they recognize it or not.

I consider myself to be really loving so it was kind of funny to me that the other end of the spectrum was also so prominent in my life. That led me to thinking about how the 2 can’t really exist in the same place (2 different frequencies) and if I’m really that loving, then there should be no fear.

So during my meditations I’ve been focusing on the affirmation, “I ALWAYS choose love over fear.” When you choose love over fear your life goes much more smoothly and fear dissipates. Remember your thoughts attract situations into your life. They become your reality. So if you fear someone/something and have a negative, fear-based expectation, guess what’s going to happen? That fear becomes your reality. Your truth. Rev. Michael always tells us, “A lie believed acts as a law until it’s neutralized.” Anyhow, your thoughts become your truth. So you want to choose love and attract GOOD situations into your life. Not fear-based ones.

After constantly meditating on “I always choose love over fear,” some other thoughts have been coming to me during my meditations that I’d like to share for others who are facing different fears in their life.

One of the thoughts I’ve been focusing on during meditation is: If I am an extension of God and everyone and everything is also an extension of God, then the thing that I am afraid of is ALSO God and ALSO me, so in reality, how bad can what I’m afraid of really be?

That thought-pattern has really helped me because whenever I feel fear I remember that what I’m looking at IS God and God is love, so what I’m looking at is really love and it’s only my perceptions that are creating the fear. The illusion.

As an extension of that thought, I’ve also been focusing on this thought during meditation: If you love God unconditionally or WANT to love God unconditionally, you have to love ALL extensions of God unconditionally because they are all part of Him. So you have to love whatever you are afraid of just as much, otherwise your love for God, the Creator of everything, including that thing you fear, is not unconditional.

These trains of thought immediately bring me to a place where it's easier for me to choose love over fear and as I said earlier, love erases fear. You start vibrating at a higher frequency. I feel like meditating on those thoughts and focusing on them whenever I’m faced with something or with a situation I fear, has REALLY helped me deal with my fears. I’ve been enjoying breaking loose from every fear, one by one and feeling freer and freer every day. And so I felt like sharing. Also, when it comes to situations and people, you'll be surprised at how quickly they both start to shift when you approach a situation or person from a place of love instead of fear. I was absolutely fascinated with that when I first started! I do a lot of work in the music industry where there are lots of egos and heated arguments. I remember when I first started my spiritual practice, I'd leave the room in the middle of arguments, meditate on loving, positive thoughts, and when I'd step into the room, it would be like a completely different room! Twilight Zonish. :-) Aside, from no longer being clouded by negative emotions and thinking more clearly, when you shift to a higher frequency, you bring those around you up as well. :-)

Lots of love and light!


  1. Janice have teach me how to meditate on loving, and positive thoughts. What is your last name? Also we are myspace friends and fun on your travels.

  2. This is one of your older posts but I found this somewhat relevent to my situation. I wanted to know how you were able to get your subconscious to believe. I believe all of this stuff, I really do, but the problem is getting my subconscious to believe which I know it doesn't. As you know, the subconscious is actually the key to the whole thing. So if you get a chance please recommend something that might help. Thanks

  3. I find it helpful to do my affirmations as mantras during meditation. When you are in a meditative state, it cleanses your subconscious and also the affirmations on in there.

    Also, I start my meditations by spending a few minutes (after inhaling in peace and exhaling out negativity) breathing in while saying "Positiveness is now entering my subconscious mind" and on the exhale "My subconscious mind now broadcasts positiveness to the Universe" for about 3 in and out breaths. And actually really feel the positive energy rushing into your subconscious. Meditating itself helps clear/heal your subconscious, but I love doing the exercise above beforehand.

    Also, when it came to faith/belief, I used to set the intention to be filled with real belief and trust while I slept. So you can definitely set the intention for such thoughts to penetrate into your subconscious mind as you sleep. You can just put it out there into the Universe or actually ask the healing angels, guardian angel, or a particular Master to work on you while you sleep and increase the positive thoughts in your subconscious.

    Also a practice of positive thoughts during the day makes a huge difference over time. Your thoughts go into your subconscious so it helps to start loading it up with positive thoughts while through meditation you release the old negative beliefs/patterns.

    Hope that helps!