Saturday, May 2, 2009

Do-It-Yourself Energy Healing Techniques

Hello! I was about to write up self-healing techniques for some of my clients before I head out to Greece for a couple of weeks and thought instead I would write a blog so that people could just visit it whenever they’d like.

I’d like to teach some very basic, useful and effective energy healing techniques that people can use on their own (you don’t have to be a healer for these to work). I’m just going to go over how to clean your own chakras, which in itself tends to get rid of a whole lot of sick feelings, pain/aches, negative emotions, anger, sadness, insomnia, etc. I’ll also go over a few more tips as well.

Here we go:

Important Rule #1:
To put energy into a chakra, you stroke clockwise.
To take negative energy OUT (i.e. to clean), you stroke COUNTER-CLOCKWISE.
If you are doing it on yourself, pretend the clock is sitting on the chakra facing out. So you would be stroking in circles upward toward your right shoulder. Kinda like in the karate films. They do those circles in the air to try to drain the energy out of their opponent. This is very important so don’t forget it!

Important Rule #2:
For EVERY ailment/condition, you clean your solar plexus chakra first.

Your solar plexus chakra is the soft spot between your ribs, right below your sternum (just move your hand down your chest until you reach the soft spot). It’s the place where if someone punches you, they knock the wind out of you. And it happens to be the place where you clean out stress, worries, anger, resentment, fear etc. (every emotion is an energy. Well actually, EVERYTHING is energy). All these emotions interfere with your health, so we clean here first.

And if you are trying to calm yourself down, get rid of a negative emotion, or make yourself fall asleep, the solar plexus is the chakra you will be working with the whole time.

For pain, you’ll clean your solar plexus chakra first, and then clean the negative energy out of whatever area hurts as well. If it’s on one of your limbs, clean the surrounding joints as well.

How To Clean:

1) Tap your throat with one of your hands and then imagine you are wearing a glove of green light around the hand you are going to use to clean. Make the glove LIGHT green (we call it “whitish green”). You tap your throat because that’s where your body produces green prana (prana= energy) and so you want to activate your throat first.

2) Then you take your green gloved-hand and start cleaning the chakra as you would a pot or a bowl. You just start scraping it in COUNTER-CLOCKWISE circles. You stroke 10 times a set. When I’m cleaning, my fingers are aimed in towards my chakra, kinda like I’m stirring the chakra (the glove of energy is scraping out all the negative energy).

3) When you finish your 10 strokes, you throw the energy from the chakra into a salt water bucket (table salt is fine) OR if you don’t have a salt water bucket, imagine a big green light/fire in the ground, and throw the negative energy into that green light. If you are going to be cleaning for more than 20 minutes though, get a salt water bucket (most people aren’t good at visualizing for more than 20 minutes).

4) After you throw the energy into the bucket, you spray your hand with alcohol, or if you don’t have an alcohol sprayer, clap your hands loudly and wash your hands when you are fully done cleaning.

5) Repeat this process until you start feeling calmer. Usually 3 to 4 sets is good enough, but it depends on how dirty your solar plexus chakra is. You can NEVER over-clean though, so if it’s your first time, I suggest you do lots of sets. :-)

6) You can make your cleaning circles really big and really small. It’s okay to alternate because you want to get every part of the chakra. And if you make them big, you also end up cleaning other organs (you don’t have to go as high as your heart though. Think more along the lines of a laundry dryer in your tummy).

7) If you want to be very thorough, you can go one step further by alternating colors. You do one set with your whitish green glove and then you do the next set with your whitish VIOLET glove. And you keep alternating like that. Green prana disintegrates negative energy and energy blocks. Violet prana dispels the negative energy, so alternating between those two makes the cleaning process go faster. Before you put your Violet glove on, tap your crown (the top of your head) because that’s where your body produces violet prana.

8) If you are trying to battle a negative emotion or insomnia, after you clean your solar plexus, tap your throat, and paint your solar plexus blue. Just imagine PALE BLUE (we stick to pastel colors when we’re starting out) light coming out of your hand and paint your solar plexus with that blue light. The effect of blue prana is to calm you down and make you sleepy. So paint away!

9) The above steps (minus the blue prana) can be used on any chakra. So if your throat hurts, you can do the above steps on your throat (actually the blue numbs, so you can paint it a little blue if you want. Not too much though because I don't want you accidentally numbing your creativity). If your head hurts, you can do the above steps on your head (crown, temples, or back of the head).

A few other tips to get rid of negative energy:

- Salt-water baths. I do these like 3 times a week myself because I do so many healings a day. Salt-water is great at pulling the negative energy out of your body (isn’t the ocean one of the greatest healers?). Water absorbs the energy and salt disintegrates it. Just soak for like 20-30 minutes. And soak up to your neck (your arms and neck should be under water). This is also very good for cleaning your basic chakra (which affects your prosperity). If you want it to be even more effective, use a couple drops of lavender oil. And if you REALLY need to get rid of serious negative energy, pour a packet of instant coffee into the tub (this is GREAT for arthritis). However, the coffee is so strong that you shouldn’t lay in that for more than 20 minutes because it will start pulling good energy out as well (my teacher, Master Co, always suggests you take some Ginseng if you are going to do a salt water/coffee bath).

-Speaking of Ginseng, I’ll share a couple supplement suggestions. For cleansing negative energy from your body/auric field, Acai is wonderful (it’s like a lot of violet prana we use to clean your chakras). Garlic is also wonderful since it’s a very strong cleanser (you can get it in tablet form and it doesn’t smell like anything). Green tea is another good negative energy cleanser. All of the above function to keep your chakras clean.

For energizing, I like Chinese Ginseng and Royal Jelly. Royal Jelly is not only good for energizing, but it keeps the “health rays” in your aura straight and healthy. When you are sick, your health rays are bent up (things tend to happen on the energetic level before they happen on the physical level, so it’s good to keep your auric field healthy and combat things before they reach a physical level). I personally take Royal Jelly every day and find that it helps my body combat things (like sun burns or mosquito bites) much faster than it normally would. And thank God, I’ve enjoyed perfect health since I started energy healing. One of the main points of energy healing is that we provide the energy your body needs in order to heal itself when your body isn’t producing it on its own (this tends to be the case with chronic conditions). That’s why certain supplements that provide energy can be useful. And needless to say, with all of the supplements above, try to stick to the natural/pure ones and not buy watered down varieties.

-For protection:

a) LOL, if someone is dumping negative energy on you (yelling at you or complaining/whining about their life) you can always cross your arms (they cross RIGHT over your solar plexus chakra! So they protect your emotion center from getting dirty). Just do it in a way that doesn’t make them angrier (the angry energy bounces back at them when you cross your arms). Master Co, suggests turning to the side when you cross your arms.

b) Silk. Real silk protects you against dirty/negative energy. I have a silk shawl and when someone starts unloading their dirty energy on me(so many people do this w/o meaning to), I wrap my shawl around myself (pretending like the room suddenly got colder). For men, silk ties guard your throat, heart, and solar plexus chakra (lucky).

c) And of course there are crystals. I’m going to write a separate blog on crystals at some point, but for now, know that crystals provide excellent protection. They break up negative energy before it reaches your auric field. I personally wear a rose quartz pendant around my neck, but you can wear an amesthyst, obsidian, onyx etc. Just make sure to ALWAYS clean your crystals first, otherwise they don’t work. You can clean them by letting them soak in salt water over night.

d) Incense, sage, and CDs.
I use a lot of sage (in a spray bottle because I have asthma clients) in the room I’m working in. Sage is great for cleaning a room of negative energy and so is Sandalwood incense. When I leave my room, I usually leave incense burning AND an “Om” CD playing. Om cleans the room (but it also gives you lots of energy so I usually like to be out of the room while its playing). If you buy and Om CD, you can just press play and leave. :-)

e) The Protective White Light of the Universe.
Ah, I can't even imagine my life without this light. I use it for EVERYTHING. LOL, as I was about to board a plane to Texas the other day (that had been delayed over 3 hours due to bad weather), the people getting off the plane I was about to get on were saying, "OMG! You have no idea what I just went through! The worst turbulence in the world! The plane dropped like 500 feet out of nowhere! The soda cans were flying everywhere!" so immediately I wrapped my plane in the protective white light of the Universe and of course I got zero turbulence. Prior to that, I realized I had left expensive liquids in my carry on and didn't want to lose them. I covered my carry on in the protective white light. They didn't notice my liquids. :-) And when I got on the plane and had everyone around me was coughing nonstop (and people were freaking out about the "swine flu"), of course I covered myself with the white light, and I don't even have a cough/could. :-)

Basically, you just envision a white light completely surrounding you (like the shape of a lipstick tube) and say, "I'm now surrounding myself with the protective white light of the Universe. No negative or lower energies can penetrate it or come near me." And like I said, this works for everything (so I might add to it, "no birds, ice, or turbulence, nor anything else negative can penetrate it and affect my plane"). Mosquitoes, negative people, negative energy, turbulence, etc. I even wrap myself in it when people around me are gossiping and I don't want to get hooked into their negativity (works wonderfully to keep you out of it if you catch it in time. Otherwise, you might get hooked in).

This white light really helps me in healing because it allows me to more comfortably be in close contact with all the sick people I'm healing, without ever becoming sick myself no matter how many times they cough on me. Though I do use affirmations like, "My body will NOT host or be a home to ANY negative bacteria or viruses" beforehand.

When I'm working with someone that needs emotional counseling and is emotionally unloading their problems on me, I often use a light pink light instead of the protective white light. You use it the exact same way except you envision a light pink light instead of a white one. I've heard people say that the white light sometimes makes you seem too cold and distant and that the pink light allows you to be more compassionate (while still protecting you from empathy). You don't want to take on the other person's emotions as your own. You want to remain strong and grounded which allows you to actually help them. I.e. "I understand how you feel. How can I serve you?" rather than sitting there crying with the person or allowing the energy of feeling miserable/helpless to penetrate you. Anyhow, thought I'd add the pink light afterthought for those who are often in interactions with family members and friends who unload their problems on them. When it's family and friends, I always go with the pink light rather than the white (unless it's a physical ailment).

I hope you guys find these tips useful! Most of these techniques/tips were taken from Pranic Healing (where an emphasis is placed on teaching clients how to do it themselves. “Spread the teachings!” is one of the instructions we receive). So if you liked the tips and find the self-cleaning techniques useful, you’ll probably enjoy the book, “Your Hands Can Heal You” by Master Stephen Co. Here is a link:

Have fun experimenting!


  1. What a wonderful Blog, I really loved the tips you mentioned on how to proctect yourself from negative energies. I especially loved about the White Light of the universe and the crystals.

    God Bless you abundantly for the wonderful loving work your doing for the good of all concerned.

  2. Thank you so much Izabel! :-) Absorbing the blessings and sending blessings back your way.

  3. Hey J,

    I have just brought a rose quartz and it is soaking it in salt water, what ware the ways to use it, other than wearing it?

  4. Wonderful! Just wear it around your neck, over your heart.

    It helps keep your heart open and it's through an open heart that all miracles are possible. Having your heart open also let's love flow into your life. It's good for attracting love and happiness. It raises your vibration so you attract better things and it's energy also provides you with protection from negative energy.

    I should put on my blog that I actually sell cleansed, consecrated, and personally programmed rose quartz pendants! I should have told you before you bought one!

  5. My rose quartz is huge! Is there any other way to work with it?

    Please send me a photo/price of your rose quartz, I don't think I can wear mine around my neck unless I break it into pieces.


  6. Now for important rule #1 does it matter whether I point inward or outward?

  7. Thank you. I came across your blog. I love it