Tuesday, May 26, 2009

So You've Read "The Secret...." Now What?

Ah, “The Secret.” One of the favorite “mixed feelings” topics in the Metaphysics community.

On one hand, it did wonders for spreading the idea/concept of The Law of Attraction and bringing it to the mainstream. On the other hand, it was so simplified that it mislead and confused many people… Which led to people believing things like “The Law of Attraction only works for me sometimes.” NOPE, it works all the time and it works for everybody. You just only got a portion of the info……

The Law of Attraction works. ALL THE TIME. Whether you want it to or not. That’s one of the biggest “problems” with it. It would be great to have a remote control to turn it on or off, but unfortunately there is no such thing. You attract energy in the frequency you are thinking at all the time. This means that if you spend an hour a day working on visualization and thinking positive thoughts, but spend the next 16 hours thinking negative thoughts… well what do you think is going to happen? It’s a 1 to 16 ratio there! And then people go and get mad talking about, “It doesn’t work!” It works TOO well!

“The Secret” really simplified “The Law of Attraction” without really going deep into Metaphysics concepts. It’s a great springboard and I definitely give it to clients who aren’t familiar with Metaphysics. But after you learn the basics and get familiar with the importance of gratitude and the tool of visualization, I’d definitely recommend follow up reading if you’d like to REALLY work with the Law of Attraction. And OF COURSE, I recommend working with the Law of Attraction because it gives you the tools to live your dreams!!!

So if you’re ready for the next step:

1) My favorite 2nd book to give to clients is always “The Moses Code.” I love “The Moses Code” because it gives you a special, effective, quick manifestation trick, it breaks down the principle that the law of attraction is based on (in a very simple way and hey that’s good to know if you’re working with it), it goes deeper into manifestation principles and gives stronger manifestation exercises, AND it gets you ready for the next spiritual level if you eventually want to go there (will explain below).

2) I also like to give clients Deepak Chopra’s, “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success.” This book is a GREAT summary of important laws of the Universe/manifestation. It’s a very small book (takes about an hour to read) and packs excellent fundamental knowledge. It summarizes other important spiritual laws (that go hand in hand with manifestation) like “The Law of Minimum Effort” (which serves to re-wire your beliefs so you can get away from attracting pain and struggle!) and the sometimes tricky “Law of Detachment.” These are laws you should really get familiar with if you want to master manifesting.

3) And once you understand the Law of Attraction more thoroughly (by reading the books above), if you are ready to do the inner-work to get rid of all your negative, limiting beliefs that attract negative situations into your life, I always recommend Louise Hay’s “You Can Heal Your Life” as the fundamental book.

People often manifest their subconscious negative thoughts/beliefs (whether they believe in the Law of Attraction or not. Like I said, it’s always working). If you hold negative beliefs, such as “Life is hard,” “Life is a struggle,” “Money is the root of all evil," then guess what you will experience in your life? And so inner work is required to get rid of these old beliefs (either by means of energy work or meditation or psychological work). Also, people often manifest their deepest fears… Because fears have so much energy behind them. And then there's the pervasive problem of guilt. When people are holding the energy of guilt subconsciously, they don’t feel like they deserve good and repel it as a result (self-sabotage).

For all the above reasons I definitely recommend reading Louise Hay’s book, taking it seriously, and actually DOING the exercises in the book. I know they seem corny at first, but that book can be completely life-changing if taken seriously. AND your manifesting abilities will greatly benefit from it.

So those are the next 3 books I’d recommend after “The Secret.”

Now, above I mentioned I’d talk a little more about “the next spiritual level." Most people on a “spiritual path” don’t manifest just for the sake of drawing material things into their lives. You work to master manifesting in order to stabilize all areas of your life, so that they don’t suck your energy out and you can focus on your spiritual path/evolution. Mastering manifesting is part of a greater path (Ascended Masters like Jesus and Buddha mastered manifesting before going on to higher levels) and if you want to be on that path rather than just gaining control of your physical life, then I’d definitely recommend Reverend Michael Beckwith’s “Life Visioning” 6-CD series. It’s also great for those who want a bigger picture of all this stuff and want to understand the greater point behind it (“The Secret” was highly focused on the material aspects….).

I LOVE the way Rev. Michael categorizes the 4 different stages of spiritual consciousness:

1) “The Victim Stage” - where you think things are always happening to you and that you have no control over events in your life,

2) “The Law Stage” (the manifesting stage)- where you learn about the Spiritual Laws of the Universe and realize that you were drawing everything into your life. And you start experimenting with the Universal laws until you master them. Which causes you to realize that God/the Universe is good and just. And that realization allows you to trust, which leads to stage 3,

3) “The Vessel Stage”- where you surrender and allow God to use you as a tool/vehicle. You go from “I control everything and make things happen” to “God does the work for me.”

4) “The One Stage”- where you realize you are ONE with God. God is no longer just working through you, you know that God IS you. This is the level of the mystics and that we aspire to be on.

Rev. Michael always emphasizes that it’s normal to go back and forth between the stages and be in different stages in different areas of your life (in the Bible, Jesus tends to go back and forth between stages 3 and 4 most of the time). It's not a linear thing. AND he also emphasizes that you can’t just SKIP or transcend a stage. So you want to make sure you master the manifesting stage! Anyhow, if you are interested in following a spiritual path of this sort, check out his CD series. I have it on my iPod and it makes my long airplane rides more enjoyable!

Enjoy the book recommendations and manifesting all your dreams!!!


  1. Thanks for posting this J! I will check out some of the books you recommended. I'm interested in seeing where this journey will take me!

    Marshall (from MySpace)

  2. More reading material for summer! Yay! P.S.- So I so tried to *heal* my boyfriend of his chronic gastritis (like acid reflux but worse) after reading your healing how-to blog...He stil got sick tho0ugh =0/ And he looked at me like I was crazy LOL! His pills worked eventually...So now I just keep doing it on myself =0)~Samarla

  3. Thanks Marshall! Good luck on the journey and definitely keep me posted!

    @Samarla, lol, I'll e-mail you some specific instructions for his particular issue! The blog was more meant to teach how to clean up emotions/insomnia, etc. Chronic issues usually require you to put energy into the body rather than just clean out the chakras. A doctor we work with was telling us that a chronic disease just basically means that the body doesn't have the energy to heal itself like it's supposed to. So your boyfriend will require energy rather than just cleaning up!

  4. Great Post! You're a cutie too!! Anyway, I will check out some of your book recommendations! You should get great rankings on this post though, because people still think that once you see The Secret, that's it. Nope, it's just the beginning. It reminds me of The Matrix. The Red Pill or the Blue Pill. Once you take that Blue Pill (Awareness of the Law Of Attraction), there's no more denying the results of your life! Welcome to the MATRIX my friends!

  5. Thanks for the reading list. Do you have aby suggestions about how to get beyond the intellectual level. I love reading books on this subject but sometimes find myself doing more thinking than implementing. Thanks

  6. Thanks for the pick-me-up. I have been learning more and more about the Law of Attraction. I wonder will it really make my life more fulfilling.