Saturday, May 30, 2009

Getting Rid of Jealousy/Envy and Turning it Into a Positive Manifesting Opportunity

In my last post I mentioned that manifesting greatness in your life is difficult if you only spend an hour a day visualizing and the next 16 hours having negative thoughts or not believing your visualizations/affirmations. Therefore, part of the process is finding ways to shift your thinking and have positive thoughts as much of the time as possible (it gets easier and easier, I promise). So in this entry I’d like to share an exercise/technique for getting rid of negative, low-vibrating emotions, like jealousy and envy, and turning them into strong, positive manifestation opportunities, which in turn also increases the amount of time in your day that you are engaging in positive thinking.

Part 1-

The first step is to program the affirmations listed below into your mind. You can do this by repeating them to yourself over and over during a light state of meditation (most highly recommended), in a state of relaxation, right before falling asleep, or if for some reason you aren’t able to do any of the above, just write them (or the one you choose depending on what you are working on manifesting) 10 times a day on a piece of paper.


For health-

“Throughout each moment of every day, every time I see a healthy person, I will SEE myself in my own mind as having the same kind of health.”

For prosperity-

“Throughout each moment of every day, every time I see a prosperous person, I will SEE myself in my own mind as a prosperous person.

For love-
“Throughout each moment of every day, every time I see a person who has love in his or her life, I will SEE myself in my own mind as a person who is enjoying love in my life.”

See the pattern? You can fill in the blanks for whatever you are trying to attract in your life and get more specific if you’d like. Just basically make it so that every time you see someone who has what you are manifesting, you immediately see yourself as having it as well (beauty, fun, joy, harmonious relationships, travel, your favorite car, whatever). This will remind your brain to practice visualization throughout the day and use these reminders as opportunities rather than times to dwell in negativity. Re-programming!

Part 2-

So let’s say you are now out and about and you see someone who has what you are trying to manifest. Or hey, maybe it’s something you weren’t even particularly trying to manifest, but now that you see it you’re like “Hmm, I want that too!”

Well instead of thinking, “I want that too!”, after having programmed your subconscious mind with the above affirmations, this will now be a visualization/positive thinking opportunity for you.

Since I said we’d work with the negative emotions of jealousy and envy (which bring negativity into your life if you don’t check them), let’s use “beauty” as an example to work with because so many women have been programmed to feel jealousy/envy or feel themselves as lacking when they see another woman who possesses physical beauty (a problem on so many levels). But when you are doing this, go ahead and substitute beauty for whatever it is you are manifesting (money, cool job, health, etc.).

So let’s go back to you being out and about, and all of a sudden you see an extremely beautiful woman. And you’d like to increase your own physical beauty. Instead of feeling jealous or lacking, this is now a wonderful manifestation opportunity!

Step by Step:

1)Look at the woman. Of course, you should try to not be obvious.

2) Remember that we are all ONE. You are one with EVERYBODY, EVERYTHING. So you are ONE with HER. You are part of her and ARE her. You two are ONE.

I will add a small breakdown of this concept at the end of the blog for those who have a hard time with this concept, since it should make sense to you on some level for the exercise to be super effective. But don’t worry, it will still work if you don’t really get it yet. Because your soul gets it.

3) Now, focus on feeling ONE with that person. And trust me, it’s DIFFICULT to hold the energy of jealousy/envy when you feel one with the person. So those negative feelings should immediately subside at this moment. And such feelings will arise less and less often.

Focus on knowing that you and her are the same and that what you have is hers and what she has is yours. Therefore the beauty that she possesses is yours as well. Repeat in your head, “I am one with her. I am one with her. We are both the same. I am one with her beauty, I am one with her beauty. Thank you Universe for my beauty.” And start feeling the energy of oneness and of having what you desire. This part is more for the concept to sink into your brain and to get ready to effectively do the next step.

4) In your head start saying, “I AM THAT, I AM.” And if you’d like, you can also switch it up to saying, “I AM THAT ______ (fill in with what you are drawing into your life), I AM.” In this case it would be, “I AM THAT BEAUTY, I AM.” And if you can say it out loud, go for it. It has a wonderful vibration.

5) On the “I AM THAT” exhale and on the “I AM” inhale.

On the “I AM THAT” you are telling God/the Universe that you ARE that and on the “I AM” imagine it's God telling you that yes, you are that. But notice God is saying it using the word “I,” instead of “you” (“I AM”). That’s because you are ALSO One with God. So God is claiming for you what you desire, AS YOURSELF. He’s saying that you are Him and yes, you are that which you desire as well. You have the Power of God inside of you and you are using it when you are saying this. So go ahead and try to FEEL what you are saying. You are announcing to the Universe that you are that which you are attracting and God is telling you, yup that's yours. You are that. And I am also you. So yes, “I Am.” And if you're saying it out loud you'll actually hear the 2 parts sounding differently (cause of the inhale/exhale).

6) As you’re saying it, visualize that you are that or that you have it. For this case visualize yourself having the beauty you desire. For other cases, visualize yourself as having the car, the travel, the money, happiness, whatever.

7) FEEL THE ENERGY/EMOTIONS OF HAVING IT! And then feel GRATITUDE FOR having it and let that gratitude flow up and down your body.


This exercise can be done in as little or as much time as you’d like. I definitely recommend making sure you feel the emotion of having the thing and the energy of gratitude flowing through you before you finish the exercise.

This exercise is wonderful because it serves to get rid of common negative emotions (jealousy/envy) that hold you back AND turn them into a very positive experience/opportunity! Now you’re practicing visualization/gratitude throughout your day at random times instead of just for a little bit before bed. Now more of your day has been spent on positive thoughts. It will also do wonders for your relationships and interactions with other people. AND this is a wonderful, super effective manifestation exercise!

See, since “The Secret” didn’t really delve into the concepts it’s based on, a lot of people do the exercises in the movie, but have a hard time actually feeling like they have the things they are giving thanks for and actually believing it’s already theirs. Feeling ONENESS and knowing you ALREADY have something BECAUSE you are ONE with it, enhances ALL your manifestation practices. You’ll no longer feel like you’re lying to yourself and your gratitude will be genuine! LOL, because if I remember correctly, “The Secret” tells you to really believe you already have what you are manifesting, but doesn’t really tell you how to make yourself believe it! And believing it’s already yours is a crucial step! . If you do any work with things like, “A Course in Miracles,” a good amount of time is spent mastering the feeling of being ONE with everything and with God. That sets the stage for miracles! Once you have Oneness down, you can make anything happen.

As an aside on the power of belief, Dr. Bernie Siegel, a former Yale professor and surgeon, has done research on Multiple Personality Disorder that shows that patients instantly change their physical bodies depending on what personality they believe they are taking at the time. I mean things like their EYE COLOR changing and physical marks disappearing! That's how powerful belief is.

Also, if you want more info on the “I AM THAT, I AM” phrase, definitely check out, “The Moses Code.” In that book, those famous words, their history, power, importance, and their use in manifesting is thoroughly explained. The book explains that it’s the phrase God gave Moses and that allowed Moses to manifest so many miracles. The phrase can be used in meditation as well and it has to power to pull you in really deep! The energy of the phrase is incredible and I’ve seen it used in many different meditation practices/schools/prayers.

Alright, the blog entry is over, but I’ll attempt a small explanation for those struggling with the concept of Oneness. Science isn’t my strength so I’ll try to keep it super simple, but there are tons of books on this stuff. And there is a GREAT energy healing book by an AMAZING healer, who was formerly a NASA physicist, that gives a good summary of the science behind these concepts. The book is called “Hands of Light” and I definitely recommend it to anyone interested in becoming a healer or in learning more about energy healing.

But for now, here is my attempt at giving a little summary of ONE way to look at Oneness (and as you start doing this stuff more and more and meditating, it will suddenly just hit you eventually if it hasn’t already):

EVERYTHING on this planet is energy. NOTHING is really “solid.” Remember the atoms you learned about in science class? The things that are supposed to make up matter? Remember they were little energy packets of positives and negatives? And how easily particles can be transmuted into other particles? Gaining and losing electrons…? And nothing is ever really still? Everything is always moving and blending. If you remember basic science class, you remember how atoms lose and gain other electrons from surrounding atoms and how they form different molecules. Everything is in constant flux and everything is energy. There is no empty space because even the air around us is made of energy, the chair you’re sitting on is energy, the sky is energy, your heart is energy (how do EKGs work? Measuring the electrical activity in your heart), your brain is energy, your thoughts are energy (can be recorded on brain scans now!), your emotions are energy, the sound of your voice is energy…. How do the voices coming out of your speakers make it to your ears? And your friend’s ears at the same time? Notice how energies are always blending together. The moon pulling the tide in the ocean...The sound going into your ears, the air going into your lungs, the light into your eyes. Your hand touching the air around you. There is NO separateness. It’s all an electromagnetic field.

Visually I think about it as all of us (including objects, air, everything) being LITTLE BLOBS of energy that make up a BIG BLOB of energy. And so we’re really all One. We all make up this big blob of energy we’re a part of and that energy is constantly traveling through. And so we’re all connected and everything you want is already in this big blob of energy that you are. And that thing you want is also you because you are part of it. So its ALL ALREADY YOURS. You are your own little blob, but your little blob makes up part of the big blob and it’s impossible to not be connected regardless of what your ego tells you. All these blogs make up ONE. LOL, I hope I was able to somewhat explain that. And sorry for the terminology, lol, that’s just my own way of looking at it. Hope these paragraphs at least helped with the concept!

Anyway, I hope everyone has fun with the above exercises and enjoys seeing the results immediately!


  1. Once thing that I struggle conceptually with is: if everything is one, then who am expressing gratitude towards?

  2. I usually feel/express gratitude to the Universe (that ONE that everything is).

    I understand how that can be difficult conceptually..... Maybe a helpful exercise would be for you to practice expressing gratitude toward YOURSELF for a couple of weeks and seeing if that shifts/changes your conceptual perspective? I think that might help make it more expansive and would help you release any possible resistance that you may have to fully appreciating you/the God within you. Every night before going to bed, express gratitude toward YOURSELF for 5 things your grateful to yourself for.... Let me know if you try it and if it helps with the concept! Thanks for the question!

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