Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Amazing Simple Tool of Setting Intentions

I’ve been wanting to write a blog on the amazing tool of setting intentions for awhile, but I put it off because I know there are a few books written on intentions and I haven’t read them yet. However, it will be quite awhile before I get a chance to read any of them, they might not even be about what I'm expecting, and in the mean time, some of you all might be missing out on this wonderful tool! So I decided f’it! We'll rely mainly on real life experience for this one.

I just got into the powerful tool of setting intentions a couple of months ago. I was a little late on it. I mean people around me always talk about setting intentions and I always have clients set an intention for their healings, but I wasn’t FULLY using intentions as the powerful tool they are.

So one night, I was sitting at a class at Agape listening to Rev. Michael (who was on Oprah today!) lecture and he started talking about the importance of setting an intention every morning and before doing things. He said when you set an intention, the Universe rallies around it to make it happen and your day is structured around your intention. However, when you DON’T set an intention, the world sets it for you. So other people/influences end up deciding how your day goes.

I’m staring at my class notes from that day right now and it says, “Note to self: If you don’t set an intention, the world decides it for you!!! So start setting intentions!!!” with stars all around it.

I got to it immediately and was blown away.

The first time I used this tool after that lecture: I was out in a city over an hour away from LA with a client and had to be in LA at 7pm for class. I was planning on leaving the client at 4pm. Suddenly it was 5:45pm and I STILL hadn't left. If you’re familiar with LA rush hour traffic, you’d think there was NO WAY I’d make my class (off of the 405) in time. As the, “Oh no!” started to play in my head, I stopped and said, “You know what, NO. I’m going to set my intention.” And I decided that while I was at it, I might as well to set my intention not only to get to class on time, but to get there 15 minutes AHEAD of class in order to buy some books I needed. I got there at 6:40. TWENTY MINUTES ahead of class. I hit ZERO traffic on the entire way to LA (a miracle!). Not even on the 405. I was kind of amazed.

The next morning I had to catch an early flight to Miami and had planned on packing before class. It didn’t happen and I didn't get home until 2am due to an emergency healing. I went to sleep without packing and planning to just miss my morning flight and fly on standby later. I randomly woke up at 7:45am, I looked at the clock and thought, “I can still make my flight….. Wait, I didn’t pack. No I can’t.” Five minutes later I still hadn’t fallen back asleep and thought, “Well, let me JUST set an intention and see what happens.” So I set an intention to get packed and dressed in time to make my flight. Packing for a week of beach, nightlife, books, journals can be a PROCESS. But I managed to shower, dress, eat breakfast, PACK, drive to the airport in rush hour, ALL in 1.5 hours AND get through security with 20 minutes to spare before my flight! It made me wonder how much my time I’ve wasted in my life packing in the past since it can apparently be done effectively in 20 minutes!

Anyhow I thought I’d share the examples of the first 2 times I started really usin this tool (I have them in my journal). I continued to use this tool NON-STOP that week, so I have millions of examples that sound like those above. On my way to Miami I set the intention of working while in Miami (which wasn’t part of the plan at that point and when I was supposed to leave for Greece a week after Miami) and I ended up with clients LITERALLY knocking on my door in the morning and having to turn clients down. Not only was my vacation completely covered, but I came home with more money than I went with.

Then there were strong storms on the day I was flying back to LA and my flight was delayed over 5 hours and the lady at the desk REFUSED to re-route me through a different airport although the computer said I already missed my connecting flight BEFORE even leaving. I was going to have to spend the night in Texas. I quickly set an intention to be home THAT night WITH my luggage. Another lady suddenly walked up to the desk next to mine and in mid-argument, I just went ahead and moved over to the new lady, I nicely explained to her what was going on, SHE re-routed me. :-) My flight was delayed some more. I RAN out of my plane, took a shuttle, made my next connecting flight by 5 minutes. And SOMEHOW my suitcase made it too!!!

Those are just some every day examples of the power of setting intentions. For more "bigger picture" examples (rather than the day to day)- I set the intention of having my first book fully written by the end of this year and less than a week later a guy I had previously met asked to set up an appointment with me over a project he was working on. Turned out he was a creative writing teacher and offered to help me with my 1st book in exchange for energy work. :-)

I set the intention for lots of adventure and fun on my vacation to Greece and not only did we end up doing a lot of rock climbing (all unplanned), but overnight we decided to fly to Egypt for the weekend and see the Pyramids. In Egypt, I got to ride a camel for 6 hours in the desert, climb the Pyramids, crawl inside the pyramids…. And that’s just a SUPER quick summary of my Greece/Egypt adventure, but it included a WHOLE lot of adventure.

Less than a week ago, I set the intention to create a brand new, innovative program in a certain area. Last night I was doing a healing at a hospital and the client’s friend was watching me. Turns out the client’s friend is an expert on the subject I’m designing the new program on AND is into Metaphysics. And HE suggested that we work together to design a program on the subject I set the intention for!! :-D

The Universe rallies behind your intentions. :-)

So definitely use this tool and check out how beautifully it works.

I love to set my intention for the day in the morning. I set my intentions for the month at the beginning of the month (I have monthly themes depending on what I'm working on), I set my intention before every healing, etc.

I also set my intention before going to bed every night. Usually goes a little something like this, “I now set the intention to fall asleep quickly, sleep deeply through the night, have beautiful dreams, have the healing angels heal anything that needs to be healed, release anything that is possibly holding me back, have my guardian angel fill me with faith and unconditional love (back when I was working on faith/trust, I used this EVERY night. but now it changes depending on what I'm working on), and to wake up well-rested and full of energy in the morning.”

Sometimes I set the intention to have the answer to a question when I wake up in the morning as well. I love doing that.

Anyhow, those are just some examples for those who like seeing things applied.

Lots of love!


  1. Do you have to be very spiritually sound in order for intention to work? In other words, is it stronger for people who are more spiritually aligned or whose chakras are clear and healthy?

  2. I am so mad at myself for not keeping up with your blogs. I am setting an intention to do better and to follow through with my "90 day" promise.

  3. @ Lady K, Anyone can set intentions and have them work. Everything tends to be easier for people who's chakras are aligned and healthy, but there really is no reason for the intention not to work if you really believe it will work and really want it to work. So I guess that's where the energy block thing comes in- if you have a subconscious block that makes you not really want your intention to happen.

    @ Phil- Looks like your intention/90 day promise is about to happen. :-)