Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Giving Away Free Healings and Crystals!

I really love water. And I really love people. So as one of my New Year's intentions, I'd like to raise $5,000, which is the amount needed to build a new water project, and give people access to one of the most basic needs- clean water.

80% of all diseases in the world are caused by unsafe water and poor sanitation and just a $20 donation buys one person clean, safe water for 2 decades!

In order to raise funds for the well, I'm offering healings. For every $10 donation, I will put your name in a monthly raffle (ex. if you donate $40, you get 4 raffle entries). At the end of every month for the next 3 months, I will choose 4 winners. 2 winners will receive a cleansed, consecrated, and programmed energy crystal ($35 value). The winner can choose whatever crystal they would like from www.powertreasuresonline.com. The other 2 winners will receive a distance energy healing ($180 value).

I will also send positive energy to the list of people who donate ANY amount. I've never had a donate tab on my blog because I look at my blog as a way of being of service and tithing. However, if you have ever wanted to donate to me or find my blog useful, please consider making a donation to this project. Here is the link to the project and where you can make a donation:

100% of all donations go to the water project, none to the organization's administrative costs. All are tax-deductible and you will see where your money went via pictures/GPS coordinates once the project is built.

Above all, you'll be making a huge difference in the life of another human being. Can you imagine not having clean water? I drink tons of water so just the thought of not having water immediately makes my mouth feel dry and causes the emotion of anxiety. And that’s without even thinking about the health aspects. Having access to nearby water also gives women a lot of more freedom and has a positive impact in many ways. Here’s some more info on that:http://www.charitywater.org/whywater/

So, literally with every $20 donation you are giving someone the gift of life and freedom. The website has tons of info and has videos of the projects and so forth: http://www.charitywater.org/media/videos/projects.php

This really means a lot to me and I appreciate every little bit of help. I know sometimes issues can feel overwhelming, but if we pull together we can have a serious impact on many lives. Thank you soooooooo much for your help and generous heart!! May your donations come back to you 100-fold!!

Link to where you can make a donation: http://mycharitywater.org/healingforwater

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