Monday, July 6, 2009

How to Harness the Power of the Lunar Eclipse

Hello! Just wanted to post some quick information for tomorrow's lunar eclipse. As a lot of you probably know, lunar eclipses can "wreak havoc" and they cause some people to worry. They're known for shaking things up and changing things. They're really powerful though and it's great to be able to tap into that power instead of just sitting around and going into emotional chaos.

Really it's a SUPER strong full moon and full moons are known for making things crazy on their own. LOL, I don't know how often I've heard people who work in emergency rooms or in the criminal system say that they know when it's the full moon period because the line goes around the corner. As one of my teachers once said, "Well you see what sort of effect the moon has on the ocean and tides, and how much of your body is made up of water???"

I'm particularly sensitive to full moons because I'm ruled by the Sun (Leo) and the Sun was squaring the Moon when I was born. So I've always felt the full moon period A LOT more than I've ever felt "that time of the month" for women. I used to get moody/emotional during full moons and even gain weight (retain water). Anyhow, ever since I started doing full moon meditations this period is a lot easier for me. It still tends to be the most hectic time of the month for me, BUT because OTHER people have emergencies and my schedule goes haywire (last full moon period I definitely had to leave my house after midnight in my pajamas to do healings). However, I find myself remaining emotionally solid, at peace, AND receiving blessings from these periods. :-)

So I generally do a group full moon meditation every month to harness the power of the full moon. Group meditations are lovely because they intensify the power and effect of the meditation. Since this month's full moon will be an eclipse, I thought I'd share the meditation with you all. It's free (though you are always welcomed to donate of course), it's wonderful, it's led live by one of my favorite spiritual teachers, it gives you great karma, and I'll be part of the group you're meditating with :-). And if you enjoy it, you can do it every full moon. Just follow the link below and call in at the time listed for your time zone, enter the code, sit down, and enjoy the meditation and the positive energy flowing through you:

Happy lunar eclipse y'all!!

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