Thursday, July 9, 2009

How to be Present NOW In Order to Manifest Your Goals in the Future

Last night I enjoyed one of Rev. Michael Beckwith’s amazing services at Agape. His services are always amazing, but last night was really over the top. And the main topic of the sermon was to “LIVE OVER THE TOP ALL THE TIME.” He listed geniuses and talked about how they lived over the top and encouraged us all to do so as well. Because when you’re living “over the top” you’re giving God room to flow through you and express himself through you. He closed the sermon by repeating over and over, “That genius is inside of you,” (or something close to that) until it became a tearful whisper that I guarantee brought goose bumps to at least half the people sitting inside the Sanctuary. That genius that was within every great person in history is also within you… You just have to let it out.

So how do you live over the top? By being present every moment of your life. By fully living every moment of your life and enjoying each and every second. Don’t throw away the precious minutes of your life. Live them so that greatness can come forth through them.

A lot of people get lost in their future goals and future manifestations and forget to just live and enjoy the current the moment. However, actually ENJOYING your life where you are at RIGHT NOW will help you reach your future goals and manifestations at a much faster rate. If you believe in the Law of Attraction, you know that you will attract what you are feeling and doing. The key is to live your life now as if you already have what you want. As if it were already so. Stop putting off your good!

Exercise to help you live your life NOW instead of in the future:

1) Think about what you have been working hard to manifest and write it down on a piece of paper.
That one thing that gets you thinking, “Once I get that, THEN everything will be great. Life will be wonderful AFTER that.” THAT thing. Whether it’s your perfect dream relationship, dream job, millions of dollars, the perfect weight, whatever it is for you, write it down. For the example, I’ll use the popular desire of winning millions of dollars in the lotto.

2) Next, list the reasons WHY you want to manifest this thing/situation. Why do you REALLY want it? Try to get down to the core essence of why it is your soul wants this.

For example, I want to win millions of dollars in the lotto so that I can:
a) Help out a lot of people and give to a lot to people.
b) Have more freedom.
c) Be able to take all the classes I want and pursue more/new hobbies.
d) Help my mom out and buy her things to show how much I appreciate all that she’s done for me.
e) Pamper myself with fun treats.

3) Now brainstorm and write down the ways you could do these things in your life RIGHT NOW. And DO THEM. RIGHT NOW!

It’s so funny how we say we want something in order to do something, but we don’t do that thing while we’re waiting! You want to have lots of money to help lots of people and so you’re waiting to have that money to help people instead of just helping them NOW. You don’t need a million dollars to help someone. Help someone every day any little way you can. Give whatever you are able to- doesn’t just have to be money, can be skills, help, comfort, advice….. That way your soul is now doing what it’s been wanting to do. You’re experiencing what you’ve been wanting to experience and so now you’ll be attracting a lot more of that experience (law of attraction). Plus if it’s what you really want to do you’ll be living in joy and be fully present while you’re doing it. The Universe will start sending you more opportunities to do what you like and to be happy/joyful.

To finish up the example:

a) Help out a lot of people/give to a lot of people.
What can I do now?
1) I can sign up to volunteer my skills once a week after work.
2) I can clean out my closet and donate what I don’t need.
3) I can give advice online, I can teach someone a new skill, whatever. Let’s say you want to open up your own healing center for low income people, well start doing 2 free healings a week w/o the center. Stuff like that.

b) Have more freedom.
What can I do now?
1) When you have free moments throughout your day, before just surfing online to fill dead time or turning on your TV, sit down and think about what you REALLY want to do. And do it. Use those free moments of your day to do what you really want.

2) When planning your weekend, sit down and think about what you REALLY want to do. And do it. How many people sleep walk through weekends? Going to dinner, going to a club, watching tv. No, do what you REALLY want to do. You do have freedom throughout your week, USE IT. Don’t just throw away your free time and expect the Universe to just hand you more of it!! Make sure that you are using every minute of freedom you currently have. You want to win the lotto so you can quit your job and sit at the beach all day? Well then on your day off, go to the beach and sit!

** As Rev. Michael says, “Boredom is the energy it takes to block creativity!” and “Boredom is the ego’s attempt to steal the creative impulse that wants to happen through you in that moment.”

c) Take all the classes/hobbies I’d like.
1) Take a short class in whatever subject you’ve been interested in exploring. Or check out an online course/video (eHow is lovely).
2)Fully put your all into whatever classes/hobbies you’re currently taking. Be fully present every second you are doing your coursework and are in class.

Hehe, I do this: I'll be like “I really want to take that $6,000 course!!” while not putting as much time/effort as I COULD be putting into the courses I’m ALREADY taking. :-) So the Universe is probably like, “Really? You want to take more courses? Doesn’t look like it…” Starting today I’m done with that though! I’m going to be fully present every second that I’m doing my reading, homework, practicing, attending class. Next week I'm putting my all into my 3 hour Qi Gong class!

d) Help mom out and show her I appreciate her.
1)Uh, why aren’t you doing that now? Give her a hug every day and tell her how much you appreciate her!
2)Ask her if there is anything she needs help with around the house or in her life and help her!

e) Pamper Yourself-
1)Do at least one special thing for yourself EVERY DAY.
2)If you want more money so that you can take better care of yourself (i.e. eat organic healthy food, personal trainers, beauty treatments, shopping), make sure you’re ALREADY taking care of yourself however you can. Give yourself a pedicure, manicure, lay down with an eye mask on with relaxing music playing and incense, ask a friend for a massage, drink a healthy drink, take your vitamins, pop in an exercise video (or youtube one), take the time to get ready and do your hair in the morning. Don’t be sloppy with yourself and expect the Universe to give you the resources to take better care of yourself when you aren't using what you already have! Take care of yourself now!

I hope you all enjoy the exercise and the extra happiness that living your life in the present brings! The goal is to be living your goals NOW. To be doing what you want to be doing and what brings you joy and happiness! While reaching certain “goals” may enhance your ability to do these things and take them to a new level, there is always something you can be doing in the current moment to enjoy the fruits that you expect your goal will bring you. Live in the now and be present so that the genius inside you will express itself through you!!

Sending you all happiness and joy,

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  1. As always, I enjoyed your post. I like to take that exercise one step further and write down how I want to feel based on each of the steps I come up with and then come up with a plan for feeling that way.

    Have a great week.