Friday, August 27, 2010

Insight On Why Negative Situations Occur and On Finding Your Sense of Safety

Sometimes you have to go through things in the physical world, so that you can let go of your fear of death & God.

Insight from my meditation (i.e. My Conversations with God):

"Every negative experience you went through in the physical world was so that you could compare it to the spiritual world & realize that you can find solace & feel even safer in the spiritual world, that you had feared for so much of your life, than at times in the physical. Notice how safe you feel during meditation. See?? You’ve seen this and learned this. Now you are receiving everything you’ve asked for in the physical world. Have it and enjoy it.

But don’t forget where your real sense of safety comes from. From within. From Me. You never felt safe as a child. Adults often caused you even more fear rather than making you feel safe, telling you every possible thing that could go wrong and telling you scary stories. Cops made you feel threatened, doctors scared. So realize your sense of safety has never been dependent on other people. Your sense of safety comes from Me. From knowing that where ever you are, God is. From knowing that I’m inside you, keeping you safe. Anytime you tap into me inside you, and acknowledge your Oneness with me, you are safe. Always. And this is where your sense of safety comes from. I had you experience those negative periods so that you could feel this Truth. When the things around you seemed to fall apart, you were always able to find peace and safety in meditation, in the spiritual world, in Me. You know this now. You are now receiving all the physical things you’ve asked for. All the beautiful things that you’ve wanted in the physical world. And u may now enjoy them on a whole new level because now u know how to feel safe, tap into your sense of safety, and truly enjoy the physical gifts you receive, without fear robbing you of your joy and freedom.

You can now live fully, knowing that you are safe, taken care of, loved, and supported. Live! You are here to serve your Divine Purpose and you are also here to enjoy yourself and this life I have gifted you with. Know that you are loved and safe. I am always with you."

Ah, you cant even imagine how great I felt after that amazing meditation. Old fears just seriously lifted. And throughout the week I was shown it was applicable to EVERYTHING. Anything you are yearning for- safety, support, love, wealth, joy- if u feel are lacking it in the physical world, its often so you can realize your true source.

Later that week I experienced a VERY unusual situation out of nowhere, where I felt I lacked support from someone I care about. As I fought back tears, I immediately heard, "Where does your true support come from, J? Who has always supported you? Has it not been God who has always supported you in everything you've chosen? Who has created opportunities for you out of thin air & made unimaginable miracles happen for you? So why are u seeking your support in the physical world and so bent on receiving it?"

I affirmed that my support comes from God. The tears and sadness immediately lifted and I felt great and so strong and peaceful. I heard, “That strange little event was just to show you you’ve never been dependent on people in the physical world for your support. The miracles you’ve received throughout your life were out of the control of the people who love you in the physical world. God and the Universe have always supported you and made things happen for you. You don’t NEED more support than that.”

And it kept happening with different things. Each time I affirmed where the desired thing really came from, peace filled me, and the situation shifted immediately. :-)

That’s all!

Oh wait, as an aside, I've decided that this major release of fear was also tied to going vegetarian. I believe the fact I'm no longer putting into my body the fight or flight chemicals/toxins/energy that animals release when they're about to be killed, has allowed me to reach deeper levels of peace. This didnt even occur to me until a couple weeks later but I thought it was a cool side effect. :-D

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