Friday, August 27, 2010

On Finding Love Within a Time Frame.........

Hello! Whew, I've been MIA for a minute! My apologies. The last few months have brought a lot of shifts for me and my focus has been more on my own process,and therefore my writing has been more personal and not as "bloggable." Not because of me, being that I'm a strong proponent that experiences are meant to be shared if someone may benefit or learn from them, but I'm much more careful if they also involve other people. My rule of thumb is that if there is a chance it might hurt someone's feelings, then it should stay in my personal journal. :-) So my focus has been more on private journaling rather than blogging. Anyhow, I wanted to sit down today and transfer over some notes from the last few months and maybe write a couple of new entries. I'm going to try to make up for the last few months so if you're subscribed, you might get a few updates all at one time. :-D

I wanted to start by transferring over this advice I "channeled" while talking to a friend on the phone because a lot of clients and other friends have found it useful. So I thought it was worth sharing.

A friend, who had just broken up with a short-lived boyfriend, was panicking about about getting older and not having found a husband yet. I asked her, "Wait, do you HONESTLY want to get married already?" (which I KNEW she didn't because I know her well and know that if she won 20 million dollars in the lotto tomorrow, and had the freedom to do ANYTHING she wanted, the last thing she would want would be a boyfriend. BTW, I think that's a great way to measure whether you really want a bf/gf). She immediately replied, "No!!! I want to get married in like 3 years. But that means I now only have 3 years to find him and at this rate, I'm freaking out about how that's not going to happen because it's SO hard to find someone!"

The response that immediately flowed from my mouth:
“Stop. Finding love is NOT hard. Finding someone to fall in love with is really NOT difficult. That would make no sense when love is all that really exists. Love is everywhere. Its your natural state of bein...g. Finding true love is fully dependent on how loving you choose to be. You know love comes from inside you and you get what you give. If you choose to be loving towards others, then finding romantic love is the most natural thing. After all, God is in every human being. Every human being is lovable and deserves love. So there is absolutely NO reason that finding romantic love should be difficult, aside from YOU choosing to not be loving and to not see God in others. In this world that was made OUT of love, FROM love (God is love and by definition He’s the Primal Source of everything, so the world, and you, had to be made from His essence/substance), where everyone is One and made from the same thing, and where the God that you so love much is in EVERYBODY, as long as you allow yourself to BE loving and allow yourself to see God in other humans, then finding love should be the easiest process in the world. So don’t worry, when you’re ready and you get there, you’ll find love IMMEDIATELY. This is really a non-issue. Next."

I loved it and wrote it down immediately. :-D

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