Friday, August 27, 2010

One of the Quickest, Easiest Ways to Boost Faith

Go outside.


I mean the more "naturey" the better, but really a quick walk in the park (preferably at sunset or sunrise) is usually enough.

I personally feel that the quickest way to obtain a faith-boost is to spend time in nature. I find it impossible to doubt the existence of God when I'm in the presence of nature. When I start focusing on the precision and beauty of every tree, every leaf, every blade of grass, the beauty of the sky, the clouds, the majestic trees, the singing birds, the sun who can touch my skin from a ridiculous amount of miles away, the air that fills my lungs, how it all comes together, I can't even fathom questioning whether there is a God. How could it have all come together so perfectly? I'm usually overwhelmed with gratitude for all of it and all the beauty. It's also a great reminder of how abundant the Universe is.... I'd love to conduct a study on how many people who spend lots of time in nature are atheist. I have a feeling the #s would be low.

So if you feel your faith dwindling or doubt creeping in, go take a walk outside.

And to go with that, I'd love to share a beautiful clip of Agape's choir capturing this message by singing "The Color Purple." BTW, Agape's choir is amazing if you didnt know. I absolutely LOVED this performance and saw a few people moved to tears:

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